Metaline Falls to be Exposed During Boundary Dam Maintenance

September 14, 2011

by Nick Bean

Seattle City Light is completing a maintenance project at Boundary Dam on the Pend Oreille River requiring the lowering of the reservoir behind the dam twice in September. The project is focused on the maintenance of a sluice gate on the dam. During the lowest elevation periods of this project, Metaline Falls located upstream of the Dam, will be briefly exposed. The reservoir will be lowered up to 30 ft between Sept. 15-17, raised again to 1990 ft by Sept. 19 and briefly then lowered to an elevation of 1960 ft by 9 a.m. on Sept 20. During the last lowering event the Falls should be exposed for a period of 5 hours providing a unique viewing opportunity. If you would like more information on Boundary Dam, this project or the best times to view the Falls, please visit the Seattle City Light  Boundary Project site.